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SKU: SKLZ-11885

Master skills with the SKLZ Soccer Training Board, a leading piece of soccer training equipment. Boost touch accuracy, enhance ball control, and refine passing precision in real-game scenarios. Portable and stable.  


  • Versatile Soccer Rebounder: Flip the board for varied drills, from mastering firm ground passes to controlling lofted ones using foot, thigh, or chest.
  • Real Game-like Scenarios: This soccer training equipment is designed for true match situations, enhancing touch accuracy and rapid transitions in play.
  • Unrivaled Stability: This board's unique design, a staple in soccer practice equipment, ensures steadfastness on grass or turf even after the most aggressive plays.
  • Precision Training: Its ideal size offers a clear target, honing players' passing accuracy with every practice session.
  • Portability at its Best: Conveniently transport to and from the field, optimizing every training opportunity and ensuring readiness for the next match.

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