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Adult indoor football trainers. They give the player extra reactivity thanks to the incorporation of a new sole made with the innovative and revolutionary REACTIVE BALL technology. These indoor football trainers absorb the impact of the ball and recover their shape quickly to improve reactivity. The upper is made of textile to ensure a really lightweight shoe, as well as an exceptional fit and extraordinary breathability. It incorporates TPU welded with Joma Sportech technology, a protective shield on the upper that adapts and helps control the ball. The shoes also feature the PERFECT FIT lacing system to ensure an optimal fit. The midsole comprises two different densities due to the FULL DUAL PULSOR system. A part of the midsole is made of REACTIVE BALL, a material that absorbs impact upon landing while offering reactivity. It also includes a denser piece of phylon for greater stability, avoiding deformations of the shoe. Joma brings you this new sole made of rubber and offering great durability, resistance and grip. A perfect sole for indoor football.

Expected to ship in 5-7 days after purchase.

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